kristina varshavskaya

Hello, I'm Kristina. I'm an independent designer that specializes in social systems design and growth.

Previously, I was a lead designer at Quora focusing on growth efforts, the native app design system, and writing tools. Before that, I worked at Facebook designing the Facebook camera and creative tools. I started my career in design when I dropped out of high school in 2011 to join Wanelo as the first employee and first designer. I most recently lived in San Francisco for 8 years, and now you can find me traveling somewhere. I was born in a place you may recognize as a Siberian territory in the board game Risk, or as the coldest city in the world.

I enjoy teaching design, and since 2017 have been teaching interaction design and mobile prototyping at the Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design. I've also taught mobile interaction design at York University.

I'm currently taking on projects for 2020. If you are looking to turn an idea into a beautiful, usable product or scale your user base through A/B tested product development, let's chat. Get in touch: